‘The Bachelorette’ 2012 Spoilers: Sean Lowe Lets Emily Know His Deal Breaker

Emily Maynard wants to know the men she has on cast won’t love her for just how she looks. The Bachelorette 2012 spoilers just released on Friday by Wetpaint show a deleted scene of Emily grilling Sean Lowe about how he would feel if she gained weight, changed her hair, or wore different clothes.

Ryan Bowers already told Emily if she gained weight he would love her, but wouldn’t “love on her.” Emily is like any other woman on the planet—that comment stung and she hasn’t forgotten it. Now she wants to know what one of her three Bachelorette finalists think. What did Sean say?

While Emily and Sean are in Curacao, the two of them have a conversation in a romantic outdoor setting. Emily asks Sean how he would feel if she gained 50 pounds. He told her it wouldn’t matter. The question went on to the subject of her hair. Maynard wanted to know how he’d like it if she got a “mom cut” with the “bangs and everything.” Sean asked if she meant a “bob” and said he would “be on board with that.” He would support her if she colored her hair brown, but he was honest by telling her he liked blonde.

Lastly, Emily wanted to know how Sean would feel about her wearing “mom jeans” and “mom shoes.” Sean shook his head “no” on that answer and remarked that the idea of that is “gross.” They had a light laugh, but Sean was not into that look. Deal breaker? Emily did not criticize him either way on that answer, but she knew he had to have some standards after all! It’s not like she would consider such a thing to begin with.

The Bachelorette 2012 week 9 episode airs Monday, July 9 on ABC at 8 p.m., ET/PT.

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