‘The Bachelorette 2012′ With Emily Maynard Disappoints

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While The Bachelorette has millions sitting on the edge of their collective seats in front of the tube every Monday night, at least one fan who wields a pen (OK, probably a computer) is not happy with the Emily Maynard season.

But don’t get upset. The following isn’t about Em. For the most part, at least the part worth analyzing, this is about how the show has played out so far.

Among the Bachelorette disappointments John Swansburg has written about on Slate.com regarding this year’s show so far is about where all the drama takes place.

Seriously, this writer was not charmed by Emily’s home town of Charlotte since he thought that the program’s producers ran out of local activities in which to partake in North Carolina and so that’s why West Virginia and Tennessee were added to the mix.

Then, in Bermuda, the rain poured so that was a downer for at least one person, and in Dubrovnik, much time was spent on a challenge that would have been better played out in another European nation altogether.

This challenge was Monday’s version of the Highland Games which was, quite truthfully, hard to figure out since viewers should really have been watching this test take place in the northern part of the United Kingdom, which is nowhere near Dubrovnik.

In any case, Swansburg did decide on a reason why this happened, saying the Bachelorette guys put on their kilts, showing their hairy legs, and threw logs as far as their bulging arms could manage in order to show off the Disney/ABC film, Brave.

OK, that’s valid.

Apparently, the idea threw off a lot of fans who are geographically savvy since the two countries of Scotland and Croatia are far afield from each other, both in traditions and in national dress.

In any case, that’s what happened so far in some of the destinations in which Emily and her bachelors roamed so far. That said, another valid complaint was about the guys who were initially thrown into Emily Maynard’s life for her second TV journey to find the right mate. For the most part, these blokes just aren’t all that interesting to the man who writes for Slate.

And it’s true. There are no real evil, Bentley type characters in this group, and there aren’t any Brad Womack kinds either (thank goodness!).

However, there once was a guy named Alejandro who Swansburg might have learned to either love or hate. He wrote, “I had high hopes for [him] strictly by virtue of the fact that he’s a mushroom farmer from Medellin, Colombia, but Emily barely seemed to notice him.” As he pointed out, Maynard said goodbye to this guy in week 5.

And so, at the halfway point of The Bachelorette, there’s at least one person not all that thrilled with the Emily Maynard season. Not everyone agrees. Certainly, not many do since the ratings are up when they could be down and out.

So, score one for the girl from Charlotte, North Carolina who has taken her guys to some pretty amazing places even if the weather and the activities didn’t totally live up to everybody’s expectations and even if the guys themselves are a bit dull.

Yes, at the end of the day and in some circles, The Bachelorette with Emily Maynard is disappointing. Oh, well. That’s life. Real life. And, after all, this is a reality show. Point made? Kind of? Thoughts? Thanks.

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