The Bachelorette 2013 Spoilers: Desiree Harrsock Meets Heartbreak or Love?

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The Bachelorette 2013 Desiree Hartsock is certainly going through a range of emotions this season. She’s up one moment and down the next. While she had a terrific time on her hometown dates, she had to get rid of someone and so she did as previously reported.

So, now there are three. Three bachelors looking for love on TV with Des: Brooks Forester, Drew Kenney, and Chris Siegfried. But who does Hartsock want to spend her life with and will that even happen?

The answers are mixed depending on who you look to as your Bachelorette soothsayer. Of course, Reality Steve has spoied, er, said all along that Brooks Forester is the one who ends up with Desiree. And the show has been rolling out all kinds of “I love you” type phrases from Des regarding Brooks. But there have also been doubts on her part because Brooks doesn’t commit with those three little words that would mean so much to a bright-eyed brunette in love/lust.

But what does happen? Do Des and Brooks get their happily ever after? Is Des in a fairytale on this show or is she actually in a nightmare?

According to Hollywood Gossip, that is the dilemma. While the set-up for the two-part finale says that Des will end up crying her eyes out at some point and want to go home, that may just be a ruse on the part of the producers behind this guilty pleasure of a show. So, this site thinks that perhaps Brooks is not going to get the final rose from Des. Or, Brooks will get the final rose but will have to overcome some sort of obstacle to get there to receive it.

So which of these scenarios, if either, happen on The Bachelorette 2013? Who will, in fact, win Desiree Hartsock as a potential wife? Or will there be nobody suitable? Will Des go home unarmed with man candy or will she fight tooth and proverbial nail for love? Nothing is certain until the curtain falls on this season of this highly charged love quest seen on ABC TV. Stay tuned.

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