‘The Bachelorette': Ali Fedotowsky Talks Arie, Doug and Emily Maynard

Ali Fedotowsky has a crush on someone on this season of The Bachelorette, and it isn’t one of the boys. The former contestant is watching Emily Maynard as she handles the men trying to win her heart each week, and Ali admits that the woman is handling herself well in the situation, and she jokes about “falling in love” with Emily herself.

Emily Maynard has been dealing with an interesting group of men. Arie has been pushed as the favorite, and he is receiving a lot of air time this season. Ali has her eyes set on him, but she also has another theory about the amount of airtime the race car driver is getting. She said the following in her blog in the San Francisco Chronicle:

Last week I said I thought he was the one to win Emily’s heart but I have totally changed my mind this week. Why? Because the only real connection the producers are showing us right now is the one with Emily and Arie. In fact, we are shown way too much of it which makes me think that she doesn’t end up with him, but they are building him up for us instead. You see, they want US to fall in love with Arie so he can be the next Bachelor.

Of course, this was written by her before the news broke on Tuesday that her ex, Roberto Martinez, is actually set to be the next Bachelor himself. There are reports that a deal has already been signed, but no official word has been released by ABC. It is customary for the next Bachelor to be named at the end of the current season of The Bachelorette. This means fans will find out who the next man is soon.

As for Emily Maynard, Ali also shared her thoughts on how she is handling the situation. She called Emily “a smart cookie” this week. She is asking all the right questions, and she knows the score. She knows there is a double standard when it comes to the show. It is okay for the guys to kiss all the girls they want on The Bachelor, but the girls on The Bachelorette get called out on it.

Doug also earned some time, and Ali flat out says she thinks Emily isn’t that into the single dad. Why didn’t Emily not send him home then? Ali feels that Emily was worried about how sending him home would look. If the chemistry isn’t there though, why should she prolong it?

Ali has been where Emily is now, so she understands fully the pressure involved in the situation. If Roberto is the next Bachelor, what will Ali have to say about that?

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