‘The Bachelorette’ Ashley Hebert talks Emily Maynard Men, Sean as Next ‘Bachelor’?

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The Bachelorette for 2011, Ashley Hebert, is now blogging about the current season with Emily Maynard for Parade. She’s known Em from her turn on The Bachelor with Brad Womack, during which time the two single ladies got to know and respect each other.

These days, Ash is still with her man, New Yorker JP Rosenbaum, the guy who she met on the hit ABC show, chose to be her husband, and who she will marry later this year. So, with that successful relationship to go by, this pediatric dental resident sure knows her stuff when it comes to this type of reality TV.

In that capacity, this insightful woman has some thoughts about who will be a likely candidate for casting the next The Bachelor. And that person is the last Emily Maynard cast-off. Sure enough, Hebert believe Sean Lowe would do a great job in that new capacity.

She said, “…the more America sees Sean, the more they love him.. I’m on board with Sean for the next Bachelor. He was a guy that went on [The Bachelorette] for honest reasons, really fell for Emily, and probably never had any intention on being the next Bachelor.”

And so, in her opinion and in her own words, “This makes for a great Bachelor story!”

Meanwhile, Ashley Hebert also is on Team Emily when it comes to how Maynard handled the irascible Kalon, especially on the The Men Tell All special last week.

As Hebert put it, “I love Emily most for the way she sticks up for herself and her beliefs.” Then she adds, “If I was in her position, I probably would have carelessly forgiven Kalon to avoid confrontation.”

She continues, “Emily, on the other hand, did not allow him to talk his way out of it. She put him in his place and he was literally speechless, probably not a common occurrence.”


So, with that said, not only is The Bachelorette Ashley Hebert proud of her girl Emily Maynard, she is also happy that Sean may have a shot at being the next Bachelor. What do you think? Should this hunky Texan get another shot at love on ABC? Should he be the one handing out the roses the next time around? Is Ash right about this casting choice? Chime in with your thoughts, please.

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