‘The Bachelorette': Bentley Williams Has His Business Threatened

The Bachelorette has probably had its worst villain ever in the form of Bentley Williams. He has now exited the series, but there are rumors that fans of the series have not seen the last of him. However, he has not made any fans of his own with his behavior on the ABC dating series. In fact, they might be going after his business now that they’ve seen just how low he went on this week’s episode.

Michelle Money warned Ashley Hebert before the season even began that Bentley was just there to promote his business, even if his business was not mentioned once during the series. According to Hollywood Life, that business is Airborne Trampoline Arena. He is co-owner of the business that is located just outside of Salt Lake City in Utah. Since the episodes of The Bachelorette started airing, the business has been receiving threats.

A manager for the business, Alyson Adams said the following: “We have received hundreds of e-mails and phone calls with obscene profanities telling us how they hope our business fails. We’ve had people call and cuss me out, and send death threat e-mails actually.” It is understandable that people are upset with Bentley, but threatening the people that work at his business isn’t the right thing to do. The people that work there just happen to work for him.

With the possibility that Bentley might be seen again this season, or even on the next season of The Bachelor to air in 2012, there is a good chance television viewers will see more of Bentley Williams. For now, a Bentley-free Bachelorette will head to Thailand for episode four on Monday night. Spoilers and a sneak peek for that episode have already been released. What do you think of Bentley Williams now that he has made his exit?

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