‘The Bachelorette': Charlie Grogan Reveals Emily Maynard Secret

The Bachelorette with Emily Maynard will air its next episode tonight, but one of the men eliminated on the last episode has spoken out about his going home. He has also revealed a very shocking secret about Emily and his relationship with her. On last week’s episode, Emily let go of Charlie Grogan. He was the man that came to her during the second episode about his speech problems and his concerns about the muppet experience on stage. The two acted like complete strangers when they met. However, that is the furthest from the truth.

Grogan revealed in his exit interview that he knew Emily before the season began filming. He said the following, according to The Stir:

I met her way before the show. I met her years and years and years ago here in Nashville with mutual friends. We have mutual friends that live here, and I’d have to say that she acted a lot different than she did while I was on the show. She has to have this persona that she has to keep.

Yet, on that first night Emily and Charlie acted like they had never met at all before. Did Emily just not recognize him? The fact these two have met in the past is causing some new speculation about the reality of this reality dating series.

Is it real? Or is it fake? Is it possible that Emily did not recognize him? If he knew her, why didn’t he fill her in on the fact they had met before once they could take privately? It does seem to be a bit odd that the two knew each other before the show.

He did bring up another point as well. Is Emily Maynard’s personality all an act for the cameras? That is something the man she ends up with will find out for himself once The Bachelorette season is over and their lives together begin.

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