‘The Bachelorette': Chris Harrison Blogs About Kalon McMahon

The Bachelorette with Emily Maynard is speeding toward the season finale this weekend, but before fans find out who Emily picked to be her husband, the men she sent home had to return to face her one more time. The Men-Tell-All was the men’s opportunity to get things off their chest, and in the Chris Harrison blog this week, the host focused a great deal of time on one man in particular – Kalon McMahon.

This focus makes complete sense too. Not only is Kalon the man that was turned into the big villain of this season with Emily, but he is also featured on the new season of Bachelor Pad, which begins on Monday. Kalon was attacked during the Men-Tell-All, and Chris Harrison said the following about the man and what he and others think of him:

“Either Kalon is just too proud to admit that he was wrong and was incredibly rude and disrespectful, or he really just doesn’t have a clue. I might be leaning towards the latter, unfortunately. The more he talked the more he really didn’t seem to see anything wrong with how he acted towards Emily or the other guys. The best part about Kalon is the more he talked, the deeper he dug his own grave. He just can’t help himself. The guys were more than willing to remind him how he acted and didn’t let him off the hook.”

Chris Harrison also mentioned in his blog this week that a Bachelor bloopers special is in the works. It is just in the talking stages, but bloopers have always been popular on television. With ten years of footage from their various series, ABC could score a hit with this special.

As for Kalon, he does seem to be a bit on the clueless side, and he doesn’t seem to know when it would be better to shut up than dig himself deeper. It should be interesting to see what antics he gets himself into on Bachelor Pad, especially with Erica Rose in the house. The two know each other from home.

What do you think of Kalon McMahon?

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