‘The Bachelorette': Chris Harrison Blogs About Red Flags and Trouble

Things are getting drama filled on The Bachelorette, but that is to be expected on a week where the two-on-one date sends someone home, but some of the men are raising red flags and showing their true colors as things progress for Emily Maynard and her journey to find love. Chris Harrison blogs about the men and some of the red flags he and Emily are seeing at this point in the journey.

Whether it be the guys that aren’t going for the kiss, an arrogant bachelor in Ryan Bowers, or too good to be true Doug Clerget, it is safe to say that both Chris Harrison and Emily notice everything. With Harrison talking about chemistry concerns for Jef Holms when he doesn’t go for the kiss on the beach with Emily, his focus of the blog was Doug and Ryan. Emily has her own concerns about both men. Doug happens to remind her of Brad. Harrison pointed out his own red flag in his blog:

I found it interesting that Emily drew parallels between Doug and the way Brad was with her. Saying and doing the right thing all the time isn’t always attractive. In fact, for Emily, it’s raised some red flags. There’s no doubt that Doug is a good guy and a loving father but Emily definitely needs to see more of “every-day-Doug” if this relationship is going to go any further. One big red flag for me is anybody that refers to himself in the third person. Former baseball great Rickey Henderson is the only person I know of that could pull off the third person reference and make it work.

As for Ryan Bowers, Harrison even points out that the man passed the line between confidence and arrogance this week. He might have been the early on favorite to win Emily’s heart on this season of The Bachelorette, but now she definitely needs to kick this guy to the curb. There is a lot more left in Emily’s journey this season. Harrison found out that Emily is taking things more seriously this week. Are the men?

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