‘The Bachelorette': Did Kalon McMahon Lie to Emily Maynard?

The Bachelorette is all-set to air another all-new episode tonight, and Kalon McMahon should be the center of the action once again. However, a new report has been released, and it turns out that the man has been less than truthful to Emily Maynard.

Where do these claims of dishonesty come from? Erica Rose has spoken out about Kalon. Apparently the former contestant from The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad knows Kalon from back home in Texas, and she couldn’t keep quiet about what she knows about the man. The original report does come from Star Magazine, so this does mean to take it with a grain of salt. Rose said the following:

“Emily should take anything he says with a grain of salt. And if she wants to know why, all she has to do is see how he lied to his girlfriend in Houston — just like he’s lying to Emily now.”

What lies has Kalon told Emily? Erica Rose spoke about things he told this former girlfriend. One of them does have to deal with having children as a part of his future. He doesn’t want them. This would be important to Emily because she does have Ricki to think about. Rose revealed the following:

“That’s another lie he’s been telling to Emily too, since she has a young daughter and Kalon would never be in a situation where he has to be a stepdad.”

Erica Rose will be busy again this summer. She is one of the rumored cast members set for Bachelor Pad 3. Kalon McMahon is also said to be a part of the cast after being eliminated from The Bachelorette. Will these two former friends exchange words during their time in the house? Sounds like Kalon and Erica have some catching up to do.

If these reports are true, fans can hope Emily kicks Kalon to the curb as soon as possible.

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