‘The Bachelorette’ Emily Maynard and Fiance Jef Holm Visit Jimmy Kimmel

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The Bachelorette Emily Maynard picked Jef Holm on Sunday to be her husband. And, by late Monday, the couple were already taking part in the ritual of doing the talk show rounds. That said, late night saw these two loving reality stars casually chatting with Jimmy Kimmel on his stage while sitting in his comfy chairs where guests tend to give up some of their most private thoughts.

Since Em and Jef were already in LA for After the Final Rose, the special that aired on ABC after the pre-taped finale of their popular ABC TV reality show, these two had no trouble heading over to see Mister Kimmel since he’s also based in The City of Angels.

And so, holding hands and ready to take on Kimmel’s sometimes wacky and/or prying interview questions, the couple who could finally come out of hiding were ready for the task at hand.

Right off the bat, Jimmy warned this couple that the kind of relationship they are in does not usually work as evidenced by all the break-ups from The Bachelor franchise once these unions went from the small screen to real life. So, with that in mind, the host wondered how Holm and Maynard would cope.

To be sure, this probing interviewer wanted to know how these two would approach this dilemma in order to have a good crack at their happily ever after. Jef was quick to admit that this was always a consideration, especially given that there’s another person in the equation: Emily’s young daughter, Ricki, who recently turned age seven.

Kimmel also joked that this The Bachelorette duo was smart not to get things going in the fantasy suite back in Curacao, and Jef agreed. He said there was a lot of time to be in that kind of situation as this happy couple continues on the real life journey that’s now just beginning.

Emily and Jef also admitted that, since May when the two first became engaged, they have been covert about their actions in order to see each other and yet not let the secret out of who Maynard picked.

In fact, they decided to use the code names Dolly and Dean. And yes, the moniker Dolly was inspired by Dolly Parton of whom Em is a big fan as was witnessed on this season’s episode of the reality show when she went to Dollywood on one of her dates when she actually was able to meet her idol and even be serenaded by her.

Actually, that memorable date was with Arie Luyendyk Jr., a great person Jef said has turned out to be a really good friend of his. In fact, he knew at the beginning of the show when 25 guys were vying for Emily Maynard’s affection that it would be he and Arie who would be the last men standing. Talk about intuition.

Later, Kimmel decided to bestow a special gift on Em’s man Jef. Strangely, the present was the single letter “F,” which in and of itself seems like a very unfulfilling gift. And yet it wasn’t.

So why an “F”?

Because Jef needs that second “F” in order to complete the actual spelling of his first name. That said, leave it to this funny man to come up with such a humorous gift, one that everyone was able to laugh about during their talk fest on Jimmy’s late night show on the same network that aired the venue on which Jef and Emily first met.

And so, as The Bachelorette Emily Maynard and fiancĂ© Jef Holm visited Jimmy Kimmel in Los Angeles on the host’s most recent ABC show episode, a good time was most definitely had by all.

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