‘The Bachelorette': Is Ryan Bowers Working with the Producers?

The Bachelorette has a few bad apples among the men trying to win Emily Maynard’s heart this season, and one of those bad apples has turned out to be Ryan Bowers. After making a good first impression on Emily and winning her over enough on their first date to get Emily interested, he has started to show his true colors more and more as the weeks progressed.

One former contestant from the series, Jesse Csincsak, has his own thoughts about Ryan Bowers’ behavior on the series. He feels the man is being controlled by the producers on the series. He said the following, according to Celeb Buzz:

“Ryan Bowers is doing everything the producers are telling him to do in hopes of becoming the next Bachelor, which is making him look like a total dou***bag. I am hoping he is just being produced because being that big of a d-bag on TV is one thing — but to be one in real life, well that’s just sad.”

Does Bowers even have a shot of becoming the next man on The Bachelor? Would women want him to be the next man they have to fight for on the series? He doesn’t seem to be the best man with some of his comments, but a lot of that could be editing of the series. Some have been shown in a bad light before and turned out to not be as bad as featured on the series.

A case of that is Michelle Money. She went from villain to fan favorite when she appeared on Bachelor Pad 2. Is Ryan really working with the producers? They have been known to keep silent on things in the past. No one told Ashley Hebert what a bad guy Bentley Williams was, but would the producers of The Bachelorette puppet a guy in this manner. That is doubtful, but anything is possible on television.

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