The Bachelorette’ Spoilers—Emily Maynard Dishes on the Kalon Drama

The Bachelorette has already had its fair share of drama, but there is more to come in the episodes ahead. Emily Maynard took the time to speak about the start of the season, the men, and her initial reaction to what has already aired in a recent interview. She also teased the episode coming up this week.

Kalon McMahon has probably become known as the villain of the season early on in the action. Showing up in a helicopter really did not help him with the other men at all. Emily Maynard spoke about the drama she is now seeing as the season airs. She said the following:

“Watching how the house has teamed together and gone against Kalon … I didn’t know it was that intense whenever I wasn’t around, but I’m not really shocked by it.”

Why is she not shocked? Is it because of comments Kalon made during his time? Did he lose her support? Or is just used to how things are run on this series. The group fighting for the love of the one always seems to find one person for all of them to hate. This season is Kalon’s turn.

As for the letter, she also spoke about Ryan Bower’s love letter to her, and she now wishes she had handled that situation differently because it was ‘awkward’ for her. It was just as awkward and painful for viewers to witness though.

Emily is determined to find the man for her on The Bachelorette, but the journey was not an easy one it seems. She did find love she says, so there is hope that it all works out in the end. Fans have a season to go though before they find out.

What do you think of all the drama surrounding Kalon McMahon? For more of what Emily had to say, you can watch the video at the link above.

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