‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Sean Lowe Dishes on Emily Maynard Date

The Bachelorette will take Emily Maynard and her men to London on this week’s episode, and one of the men getting a solo date is Sean Lowe. He was allowed to speak out about his date and his experience on the season so far in a conference call this week. Sean made it clear that the London date was a major turning point for his relationship with Emily.

According to Sean, this is where fans will see their relationship truly start to develop. Spoilers have him as one of the final three on this season of the series. He said the following about his date with Emily, according to Wet Paint:

“So, up until London, I knew that Emily was a great girl, and I knew that we had connected on several different levels, and that was the first opportunity I had to spend the entire day with her, and, you know, I’m not ashamed to say it was one of the best days of my life. Like, we did some really cool things, we did some things that the normal tourist isn’t able to do, and, you know, we got to tour the city [on] a double-decker tour bus, and, you know, it was really awesome. And I think London was — that particular day was the day that I knew that I had really strong feelings for Emily.”

It is very unusual for a male contestant to speak out about the series while he is still being shown on the air. The interviews usually go to those that have exited the series already. Could Sean be the man that wins Emily’s heart in the end? The final rose ceremony was just filmed in the last week or two, and it isn’t shown in any of the previews for what is coming up next because of this. The Bachelorette took a different approach to filming and airing this season to hopefully prevent spoilers from leaking.

What do you think? Will it be Emily and Sean that are engaged at the final rose ceremony?

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