‘The Bachelorette’ Was Almost Shut Down Due to Bentley Claims Chris Harrison

Production on The Bachelorette was almost shut down due to this season’s villain, Bentley. According to host Chris Harrison, Ashley was so hurt by his betrayal that she almost quit the show. Spoiler alert: an important event that occurs during the next episode will be revealed below.

Harrison sat down for a long interview to talk about the whole Bentley situation. He admits that he (and the rest of the crew) knew that Bentley was a bad guy before he even stepped out of the limo. He claims that he (and production) warned Ashley about Bentley, but she insisted that he be allowed to stay saying, “No, I want to meet him. If I don’t like this guy, I’ll kick him off.” Famous last words.

Harrison stated that he knew Ashley was smitten the moment she laid eyes on him. On the very first night of the show, Ashley called Bentley “one of the frontrunners.” In the end, Ashley winds up brokenhearted because Bentley decides to leave the show. But, Chris Harrison warns, his language and vulgar comments about Ashley will be worse than anything viewers have seen from him so far.

Why was this allowed to happen? Chris insists that the show did everything possible to inform Ashley about Bentley. He continues to defend the show by claiming that casting for the season was completed before Ashley was even chosen to be the Bachelorette, so any aversion that Bentley had toward Ashley would not have been apparent.

Here’s the thing. The Bachelorette is a reality show, but it’s also after big ratings. Huge scandals and intense drama brings in big numbers for the networks. Not only will people tune in to the show in droves to watch Ashley get her heart-broken, but they will also talk about it and blog about it, providing the show with tons of free advertising. Let’s face it, the amount of drama Ashley’s season has had before episode three is much more than the entire season of Brad Womack’s The Bachelor.

So you decide. Do you think that the whole Bentley issue was allowed to continue to bring in ratings, or do you think it played out just as they present it on the show?

As for Chris Harrison, he’s just hoping that Bentley returns for The Men Tell All. Not to confront him (or the ratings), but to ask him how he would feel if someone treated his daughter the way he treated Ashley.

You can read the entire interview here. Share your thoughts on this season of The Bachelorette below!

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