The Bachelor’s Ali Leaves Jake Before the Altar

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I hate spoilers. For one, there’s the obvious reason that they … spoil the outcome, and for another, they’re not always true, so you spend the whole time waiting for the ball to drop. Searching for Information on The Bachelor a few weeks back, meaning information that was current at that time, I ran across a spoiler that mentioned that Ali Fedotowsky was going to leave the show early to go back to work. I really hoped it wasn’t true, but with the previews of this weeks show, I knew it had to be.

Just like Ed Swiderski did on the last season of The Bachelorette, The Bachelor’s Ali has left the show, choosing work over the man of her dreams, Jake Pavelka. With Ed it made more sense, though, as it was still early on in the season. With Ali, she was  one of the final four. She had at least a 25% chance of winning the show. Further, there’s only two weeks left of real time. It’s three weeks once you include the The Women Tell All episode, but Jake and the three remaining women – Vienna, Gia, and Tenley – will have their away dates for the following week, then after that it’s the finale.

We don’t know the whole story, so perhaps we shouldn’t judge, but I just can’t  understand Ali’s employer putting her in this position and forcing her to choose to stay on the show or choose her job. Number one, I wouldn’t want that hanging over me, that I forced this woman back to her job, and she ended up losing the man of her dreams. For another, why let her go to begin with, only to call her back early. She’s an Advertising Account Manager. Was there some type of advertising emergency?

For Ali, it was impossible to decide. She could stay and lose her job, but end up losing Jake in the end and have no job and no man. But Jake was giving her every indication that he wanted her to stay, meaning he probably wasn’t going to cut her that night. Yet at the same time, he couldn’t tell her that she would win the show and his heart.

Ed ended up coming back to the show. It was like he got back, explained, and his bosses said okay, go finish. We don’t want to look like assess. After all that, he regained Jillian’s trust and won the show … and her. From the previews, it seems like Ali might come back too, or at least ask to. We saw her calling him, but don’t know why. It would really complicate things if she did come back, as he wouldn’t have the benefit of spending time with her on an away date, and would then have to get rid of two women before the finale.

Obviously ABC doesn’t have anything to do with Ali’s job asking her back, but they’re definitely setting up everything to get the most drama they can out of it. That’s definitely their trademark with this show anyway, and always has been. There’s a spoiler out there of how it all ends up, but apparently I like ABC’s drama, as I don’t want to know the result and want to live through the drama, just how ABC wants us to.


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