The Bachelor’s Final Four–Allie walks Away!

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So this week on The Bachelor Jake got to visit all the four girl’s: Gia, Allie, Tenley, and Vienna’s homes and family. He started the house/family visits in New York with Gia and her family. It was there that he met her brothers (half and step) and her mother and step father. Everything went well there. Her brother definitely took Jake aside and talked to him because he had seen his sister hurt and the past and wanted to make sure Jake really cared for her. The Italian dinner looked delicious, but the more interesting part of that date was when Gia’s mother took him aside and read his future from cards. Her reading seemed very obvious.

Next stop was up to Massachusetts to visit Allie and her family. They definitely look like they have fun together. They are very playful and cute as a couple. I thought it was interesting and a little different that Allie chose to take Jake first to her dead Grandmother’s house. She also had mentioned how the passing of her Grandmother was more like losing a mother; and I wished she would have elaborated more so on why it was her Grandmother who mostly raised her and her siblings.

When they arrived at her mother’s house it seemed pretty normal meeting between family and potential spouse. Her mom was concerned and of course wanted to chat with him and it seemed to go well. There wasn’t anything too exciting or out of the ordinary there.

He then traveled across the country to Tenley’s smaller town in Oregon. It was there that Tenley really tried opening up and showing him her passion, her art: dancing. I thought it was really cute how she had choreographed a dance to show Jake. I like Tenley, she doesn’t seem phony. She actually looks like she has a good head on her shoulders and she seems real–genuine. The only thing with Tenley and Jake is that I don’t necessarily get the feeling of physical chemistry with one another. Independently they are cute boy and girl next door type of people, but I don’t know that they necessarily bring something special out of one another. I don’t know if they complement one another. I really enjoyed seeing how her family was so supportive of her and really want the best for her. They don’t want to see anymore pain for their daughter. It’s good and refreshing to see that kind of family love and protection. I’m not completely sure that she’s over the divorce, but I think those things take time, and that people get through them whichever way they can. Perhaps meeting Jake and going through with the show is exactly what she needs to break free and get out there.

Finally he ended his family/home tour in Florida, on the river with Vienna. I have to say I definitely see the “Daddy’s girl” dynamic between her and her father potentially becoming an issue in the future. Her family seemed okay. Her dad really seems strict on who gets to be with his princess, as well he should be. I thought it was odd how they knew immediately the problem that Jake was talking about (with the other girls in the house) and how they all were like: “yes Vienna has always had that problem of jealous people” (paraphrase). I don’t know why he felt relief on the matter instead a slight worry of maybe then she’s always been manipulative and like the “mean girl” all her life. I’m not completely anti-Vienna, but I’m not necessarily “for” her either. I think she is spoiled. I think she has much growing up to do. I think he will probably choose her though because he’s kept her this long despite what others have said about her. I think she might be the one that he gives the ring to because she has a hold on him. Not to mention hearing everyone dog her or throw her under the bus intrigues him more and makes him empathize with her. Plus she is the stereotypical, manufactured hot girl: she’s got the bleached blonde hair, extensions, acrylic nails, tan, big boobs (Fake), makeup and the right clothes. Those all work in her favor, because Jake seems to dig them.

In her defense, Vienna was the one who went bungee jumping with Jake and they tackled a phobia together and tackling a crazy fear like that with someone would probably create a bond and connection that is hard to break.

Tonight’s rose ceremony was the first of it’s kind because Allie chose her love of her job/career over her feelings for Jake. I don’t blame her in this economy, she has a great job in a great city and that is secure vs. if she stayed and maybe made through this rose ceremony but not the next, that would have left her alone without a job. It definitely made for a creative ending to last night’s episode.

Who do you think Jake should be with: Tenley, Gia, or Vienna?

Who do you think Jake will eliminate next week?

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