The Bachelor’s Girls: Which of Sean Lowe’s Contestants Are the Youngest?

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Now that The Bachelor with Sean Lowe is under way, fans are excited to get to know more about the contestants. There seems to be true promise for some of these lovely ladies while others are already falling flat. Now then, could that be because of their age?

Which of these girls do you think are the youngest?

The television show has done a great job of selecting a variety of women from all walks of life but they are, as usual, right around the same age.

Of the 26 contestants, there are six who are 24 years old: Paige, Lindsay, Lacey, Daniella, Tierra, and Robyn. Taryn is 30, Diana is 31, and AshLee F. is the oldest contestant at 32. The other women all fall somewhere between 24 and 32.

Sean Lowe is 29 so there is a good possibility of love and similar interests between him and all of the women.

This year’s The Bachelor will bring as much excitement as previous years. Will you be watching and who are you rooting for?

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