The Bards Who Blave–dedication to GWE editors

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Pam, Len, Doug, John B, Richard, Greg, and Kevin (gwe editors and others) this is dedicated to you guys…I gain wisdom from you.


The Bards Who Blave


What words of wisdom will the wise bequeath?

For I’d hear them all  if but one sage would speak

puns and plays and all betwixt the two I’d relish.

If ’tweren’t for bards who blathe whom I caw and crave,

But a slave I am to them, I’d not long for tongue, mine or theirs,

From their tongue to my ears,  I listen,

And Hence my own tongue quickens,

Sputtering words, conveying thoughts that aren’t my own

Spitting quips and phrases stolen from the brittle pages

On which was writ the words I caw and crave,

A  word on words of the bards who blathe!



Thank you for being so dedicated, determined, and attentive in the art of writing…

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