The Battle of the 47-Year-Olds–Lisa Rinna Tweets Bikini Photos–Trumps Demi? (Photo)

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Actress Lisa Rinna, as not to be upstaged, tweets bikini photos of herself all over the internet this week.  The 47-year-old beauty followed up on the Twitter craze after Demi Moore tweeted photos of herself in bikini.  The two sensational actresses’ show off their chiseled bodies in a two-piece bikini while in their bathrooms.  Roll up your sleeves; the battle of the cougars begins.

Why did Demi Moore and Lisa Rinna tweet bikini photos?

Demi Moore shocked the world of Twitter, recently when she tweeted photos of herself clad in a two-piece bikini.  The photos hit the internet after nasty rumors were running rampant of her spouse, Ashton Kutcher’s, infidelity with younger women.

Demi wasn’t having it.  To save face, as if by saying, “I can’t lose with the stuff I use”, Demi tweeted the photos of herself to prove her point.  Point well taken, Demi.

Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna followed suit, in keeping with the “cougar sorority sister-hood”, and tweeted bikini photos of her own.  The photos were very similar, almost as if they were two of the same bodies, with different heads.

Rinna says she is paying homage to her idle when she tweeted bikini photos of herself. Here is her tweet:

“Doin the Demi! Power to the 47yr olds!!!!! She is my idol! I know I’m Absolutely out of my mind!”

When Lisa Rinna and Demi Moore tweet photos of themselves, 47-years-old or not, the world pays attention.

We know why Demi Moore tweeted bikini photos.  But, why did Lisa Rinna really tweet bikini photos of herself?

Perhaps, it has to do with her upcoming reality show, “Harry Loves Lisa”, that is based on her family life and spouse, Harry Hamlin.  It’s set to air later this year.

Maybe, just maybe that has something to do with Lisa Rinna’s decision to tweet bikini photos of herself?

Now that Demi Moore and Lisa Rinna have tweeted bikini photos of themselves, could Betty Wright be next?

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