The Beckhams Get Royal Wedding Invitation!

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David and Victoria Beckham have received the hottest invitation going—a bid to the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton. The soccer star and the former Posh Spice turned fashion designer, will be the envy of all their friends. And they will be among the biggest names attending from the celebrity world, since few celebs are on the list.

The prince and the footballer met last year at the World Cup in South Africa, and, reports MailOnline, they got along “like a house on fire, professionally and personally.” Prince William happens to be the president of the British Football Association, so the two men had plenty in common.File:Victoria Beckham, May 2010.jpg

This report, by the way, originates from Buckingham Palace, not with David and Victoria Beckham. They have been traveling this month, so their invitation could be languishing with some mail pick-up service in Los Angeles. They may not even have heard the news, officially, themselves.

Victoria Beckham, along with other designers, has sent a selection of dresses for the soon-to-be-princess to try. And as far as the public knows, the designer of the wedding dress has still not been announced.

The guest list is an eclectic group of public figures, military officers, charity workers and friends. Though most people will not be going, everyone has now had a chance to see the gold-edged invitation. Normally the woman is listed first, but being His Royal Highness Prince William of Wakes, K.G. outranks Miss Catherine Middleton (middle name Elizabeth not used). ThatÂ’s one of the breaks Kate will just have to get used to.

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