The Bee Gees Songs Were Not Disco? RIP Robin Gibb

The Bee Gees songs were not disco. Robin Gibb died so close to the passing of Donna Summer that a lot of people are grouping their music in the same genre as the late Queen of Disco.

True, they were popular during the Disco era, but that was mostly due to Saturday Night Fever. According to Forbes, they were actually a “British folk-pop group who evolved into something more interesting: a blue eyed soul group.”

True Bee Gees fans will remember the group, not just for their Saturday Night Fever hit, or Stayin’ Alive, but for their earlier music. Such as Words, Holiday, and I Started a Joke, which were all pop music.

The Bee Gees songs later included Lonely Days, and the ever popular How Can You Mend a Broken Heart. The latter of which has been recorded by many artists.

In 1977 they added Jive Talking, Nights on Broadway, and Fanny (Be Tender with My Love), to their musical list.

Sadly, Barry Gibb has now lost all of his brothers, including Andy, the youngest. For whom the group dedicated the song, Our Love (Don’t throw it all away).

Were you influenced by the Bee Gees? If so, which is your favorite Bee Gees song? Check out the video of Our Love (Don’t throw it all away), which is below.

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