The Bench

The Bench 

©2011 Robert C Burnham

For Arleen


Plucked from my world

Placed in his, I watch

From a few feet behind

Quietly cataloguing

His existence with my

Third eye

He gives me life

He holds the beauty

And controls the heartache

Sitting there, unobtrusive,

Compiling his future, a world of

Wonder and awe

Does he see it? In that

Perfect little head, the

Orchestra of perfect dreams;

Does he know they will take him,

Wherever he wants to go?

But even if he just sits there

On the bench, for however long

He desires – Until he reaches his

Next decision

I will still love him so

Look at him; Did I mention

I am his mother,

And he has given me life?






Whetstone (faithful readers): 

If you know that you have viewed the most outstanding photography on Gather, then you must know Arleen Hodge, photographer and friend.  Every photo she creates is a how-to on composing and capturing photographic awe.  One of her favorite subjects (or perhaps, props) is her son Ethan as she demonstrates in the photograph above.  The photograph this poem was written for.  Arleen and I spent some ‘real-world’ time together so I can say without a doubt she is an excellent photographer with very few peers.  I can also say that, even with all her talent in photography, she is even more talented at being a mother.  Arleen, I hoped to capture a little of Ethan in this poem, to give you something to remind you of your little boy even after he leaves to conquer his own worlds in the years to come.  My sweet friend, this one’s for you…

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My trade and I parted ways... I am now a Geography Major at UNC. And I am still a Christian Cowboy Werewolf Writer, Poet & Photographer.

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