The Best Day of Someone Else's Life: Book Review

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Vi Connelly is a true romantic,  a firm believer that the Perfect Man is out there. She's also gained the reputation of being possibly the perfect bridesmaid and a true wedding enthusiast. But eleven weddings in eighteen months, most as a participant, can lead not only to no money and a closet full of unwearable dresses, but to serious wedding burnout. And Vi is not sure her friends are finding the kind of romance she thinks everyone should have. She's afraid they're settling for friendship, companionship, comfort, and even financial security. That's not going to happen to her. Vi wants the whole perfect movie starring her and she won't settle for less.

In the meantime,  she has an undemanding but interesting job, a committed group of friends, an  on-again and extremely off-again boyfriend, and a knack for landing in one hilarious situation after another. As Vi begins to grow up, let go of her fantasy life, and learn to live in her own story, you will laugh out loud, fall in love with her entire circle of friends, and root for her every step of the way.

This book is delightful, the characters feel real, and any fan of Entourage, Cheers, Friends, or any story of that type is going to love to love visiting Vi's world.


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