The Best Fruit Dip For Those Fruit Trays

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I used to make alot of party trays for weddings, tailgate paries, you name it, eveyone wanted one. The dip that I made for the fresh fruit trays is so easy to make. It is wonderful for all fruits from cantalope to strawberries.  This is one of those recipes where cheaper brands of the ingredients are just as good as the brand names.

You will simply need equal parts of cool whip (or cheaper version) and marshmellow creme. Take the lid off the marshmellow creme and lift the inter seal about half way. Set it in the microwave and watch it carefully. When the marshmellow creme begins to come up so you can see it out of the jar, Remove it from microwave. This makes it easier to mix with the cool whip. Do not leave it unattended as it will get all over the microwave if you do.

Mix both the cool whip and the marshmellow creme with a spoon until well blended. Add confectioners sugar until it tastes right. I know that sounds funny but you can never predict how much to add. I would begin with about a 1/4 cup to a large jar of marshmellow creme and 2 regular tubs of cool whip. You will know when you have enough confectioners sugar. It is wonderful.

Cover it and store in fridge. Remember to stir it again before you serve it as it will separate a bit. This is what I always put in the center of my fruit trays when I made them. Add some colored toothpicks for the fruit and you have a cheap great tasting treat for eveyone.  Enjoy!

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