‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 6 Episode 6 ‘The Extract Obliteration’ Preview

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The Big Bang Theory season 6 continues with episode 6, “The Extract Obliteration,” this week, which will see the game of “Words With Friends” possibly ruin a relationship.

Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 6 “The Extract Obliteration” Promo

Sheldon’s relationship with Stephen Hawking is threatened over a game of ‘Words with Friends,’ and Penny secretly enrolls in a class at the local college.”

What should be interesting to see is what class Penny is taking at the local college, which may be exactly why she’s keeping it a secret. But as you know, nothing stays secret for long on television, and it’s only a matter of who finds out first, not if someone finds out. Will it be Leonard or one of the girls? What does this mean for her future plans? Is this just a one-class thing, or is she seriously thinking about her education?

Meanwhile, the Big Bang Theory season 6 episode 6 promo for “The Extract Obliteration” (below) focuses on Sheldon and Stephen Hawking. Of course Sheldon’s excited to get a phone call from the renowned scientist, but will that change when he hears what Stephen Hawking has to say about why he and a black hole have something in common?

What do you think of the Big Bang Theory season 6 episode 6 preview of “The Extract Obliteration”?

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