‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 6 Spoilers: Leonard and Penny’s Relationship

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The Big Bang Theory ended its fifth season with Howard going into space after marrying Bernadette and a poorly timed proposal from Leonard, but what will the latter’s relationship look like in the aftermath of that proposal?

Big Bang Theory Season 6 Spoilers

According to TVLine, executive producer Steve Molaro has said that “things are a little weird” for Leonard and Penny, and he’ll be “trying to make things better. His first thought is to have a nice night that’s all about her. And things may not go as planned, shockingly.” It’s not exactly easy to come back from a marriage proposal when the answer is not a “yes,” but will Leonard and Penny be able to go on without that hanging over their heads too badly in The Big Bang Theory season 6?

Perhaps the better plan would have been not to make a big deal out of it, such as with Leonard planning that night that’s all about Penny. That just makes it obvious that there’s something else going on, and that means that it’s so much harder to move past it. Will Leonard and Penny still be together when the season ends? Could marriage be in their future at some point? If they do get to that point, will it have to be Penny who proposes since it didn’t go so well for Leonard this time?

What do you think of the latest The Big Bang Theory season 6 spoilers?

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