‘The Big Bang Theory’ ‘The Agreement Dissection’ Recap and Review

Sometimes the guys on The Big Bang Theory just need to get back at Sheldon (Jim Parsons). With Priya (Aarti Mann) part of the group–for now–making Sheldon uncomfortable is even easier than usual. Priya is a lawyer after all, and she doesn’t like Sheldon’s “roommate agreement” at all.
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On The Big Bang Theory, “The Agreement Dissection,” Sheldon tries charging Leonard (Johnny Galecki) with two bathroom violations, including denying shared access to the bathroom (since Leonard is in the shower with Priya), as well as violating shower capacity (only one person is allowed at a time).

But Priya gets both violations thrown out after finding some big loopholes in the roommate agreement. And so begins the BBT gang’s taunting of Sheldon by violating the agreement and getting Priya to defend them. They start by ordering Greek food on pizza night, the most delightfully cruel thing they’ve done since leaving a fake Stephen Hawking message on Sheldon’s voicemail.

Sheldon tries to be adaptable, and he takes a bite of a lamb kabob, or as he says, “little cubes of charred meat that tastes like sweat.”

Unable to tolerate Priya and the guys, Sheldon goes over to Penny’s (Kaley Cuoco) for pizza, except Penny has a girl’s night scheduled with Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) and Amy (Mayim Bialik). With the temptation of bashing on Priya, Sheldon joins them.

“Warning, we can get a-crazy!” Amy says, and this is when things really start getting fun on Big Bang Theory.

As Amy starts drinking, Sheldon reminds her, “Need I remind you that not a lot of scientific discoveries were made by people having a good time.”

To which Amy says, “You’re like a sexy toddler.”

“I don’t know how to process that,” Sheldon retorts.

The gang then starts talking about whether Sheldon has ever kissed anyone. Other than his mom, sister, Mee Maw, and giving mouth-to-mouth to a nun, Sheldon never has, but he doesn’t think he needs to.

“I’m available for experimentation,” Amy says, because she’s on a roll. When Sheldon refuses, Amy kisses Penny. Yeah, things are getting interesting.

Then the group starts talking about Sheldon dancing, which apparently he is familiar with. After all, he grew up in the South going to cotillions. And a gentleman never turns down three women who are asking to dance with him. “I saved a nun’s life. Why am I being punished?”

The dance sequence is a brief one, although it is fun to see Sheldon and Amy navigating the dance floor, but it’s what happens after that takes Sheldon to a place he never thought he’d be: Amy’s apartment.

He joins Amy for a nightcap, a.k.a. a Yoo-Hoo, and meets her smoking monkey. “I’m giving him emphysema,” Amy explains of the nicotine study monkey, “the least I can do is let him watch cable.”

Even though Amy is drunk, she does help Sheldon with his Priya problem. “Play dirty,” she says, and then it’s on to the next order of business. She kisses Sheldon, to which he says, “fascinating.” But is it because he actually enjoyed the kiss? That’s highly unlikely. Plus, we’ll never know. Amy then pukes.

The next morning, Amy is hung-over, and Sheldon has a plan. If Leonard doesn’t sign the new and improved roommate agreement in 60 seconds, the self-destruct sequence will complete, and Sheldon’s computer will send an email to Priya’s parents telling them about her white lover.

“Give him what he wants, or we’re done,” Priya says, and the self-destruct is barely averted.

“You may have gone to Cambridge,” Sheldon says with the last word, “but I’m an honorary graduate of Star Fleet Academy.”

As for Sheldon and Amy, they’re like a computer. They’re restoring their relationship to the last point it worked, meaning before the kiss.

And then the monkey screeches, and as Amy says, it’s not easy living with a temperamental little primate. As Priya and Leonard fight in the background, Sheldon says he understands.

The Big Bang Theory airs on CBS Thursdays at 8 PM Eastern.

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