‘The Big C’ Recap: Family Matters

With the help of The Big C survivor and life coach Joy Kleinman (played by the wonderful Susan Sarandon), Cathy found her joyful path. With her cancer in remission, she wants another baby. That’s the main plot of this week’s “Family Matters” episode.

Given their health history and their age, the Jamiesons are exploring their alternatives in terms of adoption. Chances are slim that this might work. As they visit an adoption lawyer, once he hears about their health challenges, particularly Cathy’s, he gets instantly reluctant in helping them. Sean also isn’t pleased when he happens to find out the news and makes a scene in Cathy’s class.

Cathy is so desperate that she even tries to forge Dr. Sherman’s signature on a note that would state she’s cancer-free. Fortunately, Paul stops her from getting into something illegal and suggests they should wait until the time is right.

But is the adoption really something Cathy wants in order to help a baby or for her own joy?

Paul is beaming because his blog is doing well and his Twitter following increased to 2,000 thanks to Joy, who spread the word about his write ups. He even gets a text message from Ms. Kleinman who invites them both to one of her motivational speeches.

Meanwhile Adam deals with his issues in his own way. He has a newfound interest in religion through a new girlfriend. And while she’s saving her “front door” for marriage, she offers him the back door option, which – judging by Adam’s face – doesn’t exactly please him.

Sean, now a janitor at Cathy’s school and gay sex line new owner, has an encounter with Willy, the ex-owner of the said sex line that doesn’t go well. Victor Garber’s Willy is not a match for Sean. That’s pretty obvious in the funniest scene of the episode where they both manage to scare away one of the callers in a make-up rear end-stuffing contest.

While Willy is in the bathroom, Sean takes the opportunity to sneak out of the house and follows his sister to Joy’s speech. This is where Paul is unexpectedly invited on stage to tell everyone his story. His message was simple yet profound: “You don’t have to die to wake up.” That earned him not just a round of applause and appeal to the female audience, but also Joy’s offer to do this again and be paid for it, which Paul accepts gladly. But the greatest news comes soon from his blog, where Cathy posted without his knowledge about how much they wanted a baby. Someone wrote back and it sounds like the adoption might be happening after all.

Also, Willy, who meanwhile stalked Sean at Joy’s speech, finds his true calling as a singer, songwriter and entertainer. Running a sex line was never a good fit for him. But hey, isn’t Sean brilliant at it?

Tune in next Sunday at 9:30pm only on Showtime for a new episode of The Big C, where Cathy wants to impress the parents of the baby they want to adopt.

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