‘The Big C’ Recap: Joy isn’t Gone

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Cathy is over the moon about being in Puerto Rico, in this episode of The Big C. Adam is annoyed they don’t speak English and while Paul is frantically looking for his presentation bag, Ababoo thinks they’re idiots for living in Minnesota.

Nicely welcomed with cocktails of rum and passion fruit, the Jamisons et al, dive in. Well, not all of them. And not literally. Yet. Meanwhile, Paul thinks he’s like the sloppy seconds for the female audience he’s supposed to speak to instead of Joy. He also seems to have a hard time sleeping, and calls Ababoo at 2am to bring him a few more pillows.

Next, Cathy and her brother are attending a scuba diving course. Although he sworn to take a break from dating after failing royally to be a third of a “throuple,” just when he’s about to buddy with her sister he ogles a young girl who just joined in.

But Cathy has an anxiety attack in three feet of water, which makes her officially the chicken of the sea. When she returns to the hotel room, she finds Paul drinking, sitting in front of a cardboard life-sized copy of Joy that he found in the dumpster.

He lost his joy. And as the shit finally hits the fan, he tells Cathy he knows about her fantasy world: the bar, her Alexis fake identity, and, above all, her imaginary dead husband. Cathy claims she made this all up as an escape when he was lying in the hospital after his heart attack. But Paul thinks this is nonsense. She’s healthier than ever, Adam is getting his act together and he is having success with his newfound career. Is she jealous of him?

Bottom line is, he can’t trust her anymore, so decides to get his own room and leaves.

Later, as she takes a walk, Cathy sees Adam walking to a church nearby and follows him inside. She sees him pray and sits right behind him. Then she says hi and talks with him about Jesus, his pain and the whole heaven thing. She’s surprised to see how mature and relaxed Adam has become. He’s down with heaven, the white light, the love – all from his father’s experience – and he’s not afraid of death. Cathy says she’d like to see her riot mom again. Adam reassures her she will. “And even if you do go, it’s not the end. I’ll meet up with you there,” said Adam and turns around.

Then Cathy breaks him the news that Paul and her will have to take some time apart. Adam takes the news in and lets her know he’s going to live with his dad.

Later as she walks through a graveyard near the ocean, she gets a call from Dr. Sherman and the news are grave. Cathy then goes to tell Sean she’ll be diving with him the next day and finds him wearing nothing else but a towel while his new “acquisition” jumps out of the shower, butt naked, and greets her.

Back to Paul; he’s now moved into the presidential suite of the “El Conquistador,” initially reserved for Joy and he is nervous about his speech. Ababoo gives him the heads up that due to a slight mishap of her app, which didn’t have that squiggly line above the n, the Spanish version of his program reads he has 45 anuses instead of 45 years of age. He goes ballistic and calls her useless. It’s now Ababoo’s turn to go ballistic, a scene for which Gabourey Sidibe so deserves an Emmy. And she quits.

Meanwhile, Cathy is ready for her dive while Paul has his big speech. She tells Sean about their fight, and the nameless new girl Sean was fooling around with slips up that’s like a déjà vu. She also had a huge fight with her geriatric hubby the night before. Cathy is stunned by her brother who judged her for having an affair. The man loosened up both his morals and his swim trunks, so he’s free to do whatever he wants and he highly recommends her sister to do the exact same thing.

The end of the episode oscillates between Paul’s inspiring speech and Cathy’s dive. Paul manages to charm his large audience up to the point where, as he says “We’re gonna kiss life on the fucking mouth!,” a woman jumps all over him and kisses him passionately. And while he tells people to not let anyone take away their joy, Cathy wants to make her wish come true and see real tropical fishes, not the ones in her dentist’s office. So instead of sticking with the other divers, and noticing her buddy-brother ditched her for his new girlfriend, she starts diving into the unknown.

Next week it’s the Season 3 finale of The Big C. The family issues that have finally resurfaced in “Vaya Con Dios” don’t seem to be fixed soon and Cathy will spend some time with a stranger. Tune in Sunday, June 17, at 9:30 pm only on Showtime.

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