‘The Biggest Loser’ Mutiny, Contract Misunderstanding Or Ploy For Sympathy?

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If you’re a fan of the reality weight loss show, The Biggest Loser, then you already saw this week’s episode where production was halted when the last five contestants left on the ranch decided that they were ready to quit the show. What caused the contestants to make this decision? Well, they found out that afterwards there was going to be a not-so-new twist to the game and that the eliminated players would be returning to compete for a place in the finals. The reason that this is a not-so-new thing is because they have done this in some form or another during every season of the show.

The contestants complained that “it’s not fair” for the eliminated players to get an opportunity to come back. Unfortunately for the contestants, it was revealed by The Biggest Loser‘s attorney that every contestant signed a contract stating that “all contestants, including all eliminated contestants, will be invited to participate in the final challenge for the series, and the one contestant who wins it will be automatically eligible to win the grand prize.” One would think that this revelation would have put an end to the controversy, but it didn’t. Two contestants were still upset and chose to leave the ranch, forfeiting their place in the game and their chance at the grand prize.

The three remaining contestants continued to compete and still had to face a weigh-in and elimination that sent two contestants to the finale. The question that remains is this – why did the contestants stage this mutiny? Did they really not understand the contract that they signed or were they afraid that they were going to lose to someone who had worked just as hard, if not harder, at home? Perhaps fans will get some insight from the contestants who walked out after the season ends.

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