The Biggest Loser Season 8 Episode 4

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Let me get this off my chest… I am under serious speculation that Crazy (Tracy) is popping some sort of weight loss pills.  There is no way that after a week of not doing anything, and eating out, she lost 4 lbs…it is just not possible, can someone please explain it to me.

Ok enough of that, this week on The Biggest Loser Season 8 Episode 4 the contestants were given the biggest scare of the game, thus far.  Alison Sweeny locked up the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator–this week the contestants will have to order ever meal out!  This may not seem like a big deal for those of us with portion control and sometimes compulsively remove unhealthy extras from salads.  BUT this is a big deal for the Biggest Loser’s who have no control over food in the first place; taking away their safety net of the organically healthy stacked kitchen will definitely flip them.  The goal, which I think is so great and practical, is to teach the contestants how to manage their food and intake when not in a controlled situation–exactly how life is.  We have to control our own situations, and that takes a lot of restraint, will-power, and desire.

The contestants quickly learned that you rarely get exactly what you order, dressing is often times tossed into a salad, vegetables are sauteed or fried, chicken is usually left with the skin on and breaded.  All of these things are delicious, but extremely bad for you–especially when restaurants don’t take care of portion control for you.  Jillian and Bob took The Biggest Loser contestants out to a Mexican restaurant to help them order properly.  Basically everyone ordered what Jillian ordered–the safest bet–and was eating a papaya salad with grilled shrimp, no dressing.  Bob and Jillian also demanded that the free chips and salsa be taken away from the table, “get rid of the temptation”  is what they told the contestants.

This Episode 4 of The Biggest Loser was a great learning experience.  Working out is a major part of losing weight and being healthy, but the other major part that enables you to lose weight is watching what you eat–in my opinion watching what you eat is the most important factor.  Especially because I had an uncle who ran marathons, he would run 30+ miles a week, but he liked McDonalds and figured if he was running that much he could eat whatever he wanted.  He suffered from a severe heart attack; the doctors told him if he didn’t change his diet he would die, it did not matter that he was burning the calories, his cholesterol and blood sugar levels were through the roof.

The contestants worked out unbelievable hard, however, due to lack of proper nutrition from all the eating out, the contestants lacked energy and stamina–work outs were much harder this week.  The fit challenge was a good one (I want to try ever challenge they do, they look fun!).  The Biggest Loser contestants had to hold on to two handles while hanging almost vertical above water.  Again, Tracy and Abby could not compete in the challenge due to Abby’s shin splints and Tracy’s high levels of something that may shut down her kidneys.  Crazy…I mean Tracy, come on!  You have done nothing since you have been on the show except manipulate and lie.  You are not what The Biggest Loser is about, you do not deserve to be there, and I will stand by my pill poping theory–there is no way she can be losing weight, she does nothing!

Back to the challenge, so they had to hang almost vertical.  Shay, Daniel, and Allen were the last ones to hold on.  Shay!! the biggest person on the show ever! beat all the men, minus Daniel and Allen, and stayed on for 5 minutes!  Incredible, she was so proud.  It came down to Daniel and Allen…I though Allen would hold out seeing as he is a former fire fighter and at one point had good upper body strength, whereas Daniel was always obese.  However, Daniel held on for dear life and won the challenge–the prize, immunity.  It was a good thing the orange team got immunity, because Daniel did not lose any weight at the weigh in.

The weigh in dropped Julio, Liz and Danny.  The contestants voted and Julio was forced to go home.  It was an elimination full of tears.  I was watching it with my boyfriend and he said to me, “I feel like those are real tears.  Not the tears you see in other reality shows full of drama, these are sincere.”  He has watched a good about of reality TV with me (bless him) and could tell that this decision was really hard for these people–with the exception of Crazy/Tracy whose tears were completely forced and fake..the girl loves to be the center of the show even if she has to create the drama.  All in all it was a great show and reminded me of why I watch it–the hope, the dreams, the passion, the friendship, and the weight loss.

I will end with…TRACY GO HOME!

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