The Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 7 Recap [video]

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The Biggest Loser season 9  is back! Not that I had any qualms about watching the Olympics instead, but I am excited to have Bob and Jillian back in my life.  Three weeks ago The Biggest Loser left us in utter suspense–Cheryl and Darrell were left squatting underneath totem poles balancing pieces of wood on their heads.  I had a hunch Darrell was going to drop faster than Cheryl because his knees are so bad.  I have had my fair share of knee injuries and I know that it is not easy to do squats during recovery–I can imagine Darrell was in worst pain of his life at that moment.

Episode 7 we got to finally see who was eliminated and… The Biggest Loser contestants are now split into the Black and Blue teams.  The challenge to see which contestant got to choose who was on which team was a temptation Cookie Challenge, the challenge was a matching game to find two golden tickets.   The catch was that if a player matched two foods they got to give it to another contestant playing the game; if they didn’t get a match they had to eat a 100-calorie cookie.  Michael and Andrea were the only two Biggest Loser contestants to step up and play the game.  Michael ended up consuming 2,122 calories of junk-food, but he also won the prize of getting to pick the new Black and Blue teams.

Michael divided the teams strategically so that he would have the stronger team.  On the Black team he put Andrea, Stephanie, Cheryl, Sherry, Ashley, and one man, Sam. Stephanie approached Michael to ask why he chose the teams the way he did. On the Blue team, his team, he put Koli, Daris, Lance, Miggy and Sunshine.  Basically the Blue team is a powerhouse, trained by Bob.

The strength and weakness of the two teams was evident during the first episode 7 team challenge.  The two teams had to pull a flag up–the Blue team made it look easy with their upper-body strength.  The Black team showed a lot of heart and worked together well, but because men have much stronger natural upper body strength they lost the challenge.  The Blue team won letters from home.

Jillian made sure that her teams workouts would be effective and a bonding experience.  She wanted to bring the morale of the Black team up, so when it came time to step on The Biggest Loser scale they would be ready.

At the weigh-in the Blue team was first, losing a total of 48-lbs, 2.1%.  This meant that the Black team had to lose a total of 39-lbs to beat the Blue team.  Their biggest losers were Ashely and Stephanie who lost 10 and 8 lbs, helping their team lose a total of 41 lbs, with at 2.28%.  This was an upset in the Blue teams minds because Michael and the team thought that he picked the stronger team.  Looks like the women, and Sam, are going to put up more of a fight.

During elimination the Blue Team was split between Miggy and Lance.  Koli had the final vote and sent Miggy home because Lance is “better in challenges.”  Miggy was sent home and O’Neil, who Michael had granted immunity to because of his knees, joined the Blue team and his daughter SunShine.  The teams are even again, 6 vs. 6.  I cannot wait to see what is in store for next week!


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