The Birther Bill in Arizona Has Donald Trump’s Approval

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The birther bill in Arizona, HB 2177, has been endorsed by Donald Trump. Carl Seel, the author of the bill, had the opportunity to meet with Trump, because Trump has spoken in favor of the Arizona bill.

HB 2177 would require a person to produce a birth certificate, proving he was born in the U.S., in order to be placed on the Arizona ballot. Representative Seel said Trump gave the Arizona birther bill the thumbs up months ago.

In an interview with CNN, Trump said, “The fact is if he wasn’t born in this country, he shouldn’t be president of the United States.” This has left many people speculating whether or not Trump, himself, is considering a run for the White House. According to a recent CNN survey, nineteen percent of Republican voters see Trump as a good GOP candidate.

What does Carl Seel think? He told reporter Elizabeth Erwin when he met with Donald Trump, there was talk about a potential presidential run; but Seel would not elaborate further. He said, “I’m gonna leave that to Mr. Trump so you’re gonna have to ask him that question.”

Carl Seel was happy to be able to meet with Donald Trump. “I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Donald Trump over my bill because he’s publicly spoken in favor of it.” To have someone as well known as Donald Trump support ArizonaÂ’s birther bill is a great accolade for Carl Seel.

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