The Black Prince – Prose Poem ( SunWE ), 21 September 2012

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The Prompt:



Read the examples–not just the ones typed here. Follow the links to the additional examples as well.

Write a prose poem. Keep it to drabble length (~100 words.) Pay attention to the flow and the musicality of the language, using the devices of alliteration, internal rhyme, repetition, etc. Subject can be anything that strikes your fancy. Read the examples for inspiration.




There he stands haughty, resplendent in his shiny blackness, black as tar, black as night, with a touch of white, just to soften his stern image, a sign of his noble lineage that stern image. 

Oh, those piercing lemon yellow eyes of his, oh God, help me and protect me! If this be a look of love or hate, of pride and vanity, or of desire and dominance, I’ll gladly be his slave: such is his black brooding beauty, resist it I cannot! “Here, take this small gift.”… What? He hesitates… Why this doubtful look? Why this change of mood? It’s not in his character to be timid…or is there a timid streak? 

“Wait a minute, stay, don’t go”, I implore. “Look, I’m as gentle as a doe.”…Then he slowly moves closer and picks it up swiftly with his big black beak. 



© irina dimitric 2012

P.S., Sorry, it’s a bit longer than 100 words. 


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