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The blood moon, came to visit seen through the fog

An eerie sight, sad it looked not like a moon but smog


Were it clear would have been a sight to see

Comes only once a year, with not too much generosity


Tales in October say Vampires are at home on this moon

They wait with great patience hidden in the gloom


For when the moon is wearing its dress of fiery red

It’s time for them to feed, seeking blood, the living dead


Be careful when you walk tween darkened trees

And run if you should feel a sudden chilly breeze


For who’s to know what fate is waiting down the path

Might disturb a hidden Vampire, ignite his wrath


His hands are quick to grab you from behind with stealth

Doesn’t matter if you are dirt poor, or drowned in wealth


For if he gets you in his sites, he will not relent

He will bite you in your jugular until all your blood is spent


Then you too will find a home on the infamous blood moon

Waiting patiently for another which can’t come too soon


Best to view this blood moon behind your locked door

So you don’t join the souls, the lost, cursed forevermore



It’s Halloween




This is meant to be a Heroic Couplet, probably not right :)


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