‘The Bold and the Beautiful': A Devastated Steffy Tries to Cope as Hope Marries Liam

On yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Liam and Steffy talked in his hotel room after Hope rushed off to freshen up for the wedding. They discussed that letter Hope assumed was from Deacon. Steffy told Liam to put a smile on his face and go make this a day he and Hope would remember. Liam told Steffy he loves her. She told him she knew that but she wanted him to forget what happened and move on with Hope.

Elsewhere, Brooke helped Hope get ready for the wedding. Brooke worried about Deacon and wondered if he was still lurking around somewhere. Brooke assured Hope Deacon was gone for now. Brooke began to chat about how dangerous Deacon was, but Hope didn’t want to discuss that. Brooke left and Ridge showed up. He asked Hope if he could walk her down the aisle. Hope didn’t want that to impact his relationship with Steffy. Ridge told Hope that Steffy has accepted her relationship with Liam and she’ll be okay with this. Hope said she would love it if Ridge gave her away.

Elsewhere, Brooke visited Liam to welcome him to the family and Bill actually went to see Hope. While it must have killed Bill, he welcomed Hope to the Spencer clan and told her all that mattered was that Liam was happy. Bill claimed he knew Hope made him happy. Hope and Bill share an awkward hug and back at the farmhouse, Deacon chatted with Alison. Alison told Deacon Bill’s plan failed. She also mentioned she had a soft spot for bad boys and told him she would try to prevent Bill from shipping him back to prison. Deacon told her she was beautiful and pulled her into a kiss.

Steffy ran into Bill outside and spoke to him about the letter and Deacon showing up. She told him she’s tired of his bullying and let him know if he had stayed out of things, she would have had Liam back in her life. She said she wanted to win him straight up without any interference from him. She walked away devastated. Later, Hope and Liam walk through town towards their wedding destination with tons of people following.

On today’s episode, Steffy spends some time alone thinking about Liam and everything that’s happened. She had a flashback of the day he proposed to her in Aspen. It’s clear it’s going to take Steffy a long time to recover from all of this. Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, a depressed Steffy lets Eric and Stephanie know what happened in Italy. Hope and Liam are finally married with their family surrounding them. Got any clues about what’s in store for Steffy?

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