‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Bill Demands the Doctors Bring Katie Back

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On yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, an alarmed Liam took a call from Bill. Bill ordered Liam to alert Katie’s family about her condition. He also wanted Donna and Brooke to know, and he wanted Liam to get to the hospital. In the meantime, Katie ordered the doctors to save the baby as opposed to her if it came to that. She said it was her decision and not her husband’s. She only wanted to see Bill hold her child if something went wrong. Bill didn’t want her to talk that way, but he agreed to let his wife call the shots.

Back at Forrester Creations, Thomas discovered Pam had been forwarding Ridge’s urgent messages to Rick. He told her those calls should have gone to Eric. Pam stated she was merely following orders. Thomas and Hope began working on her campaign. Hope had grand ideas about her appearing in campaigns without men. She wanted to go solo, without the standard gorgeous guy by her side. Suddenly, Pam entered claiming Liam was on the phone with an urgent message for Hope. Thomas protested but Hope took the call. She learned Bill wanted to get a hold of Brooke and Donna to let them know about Katie’s fragile condition. An alarmed Hope left for the hospital.

Liam was pacing around the waiting room at the hospital when Hope got there. She wondered if she should wait somewhere else. Liam told her he wanted her there. Hope learned Katie had preeclampsia and she knew that wasn’t a good sign. She wished she could be as brave as her aunt. Liam is worried that Bill would treat this baby the way he treated him. Hope told Liam he would make a great big brother and a great father someday. Liam wasn’t so sure but Hope had faith in him. Liam wished she had trust in him as well.

Caroline found Thomas and wondered how his meeting went with Hope. He updated her on Katie’s condition. Caroline remarked that Katie was her aunt, but Bill had never treated her like a relative. She felt like an outsider in her own family. Thomas said he was always an outsider in his family as well. He admitted some of that might have been his own fault. He mentioned marrying a family maid just to get her a green card. Caroline claimed he liked to rescue women and she believed that’s what he’s doing with Hope.

Back at the hospital, Katie’s medical team got her ready for the C-section. Katie asked Bill to put love first for the sake of his kids. She asked him to stop trying to control Liam’s love life by attacking Hope. She said if he put love first, everything would fall into place. She added it wasn’t so hard to do. Bill slipped into a surgical gown and mask, and in no time at all, his son was born. A thrilled Katie saw her baby and Bill cradled the infant. Liam and Hope embraced upon getting word that Katie and the baby were both doing well. As Katie held her son, her heart rate began to climb. Alarms went off and she began to convulse. The medical team began to work on her and a disbelieving Bill stayed by her side.

On today’s episode, the doctor’s continued working on Katie. Pam returned from lunch and began berating Pam for leaving her seven messages. Pam wonders if Donna listened to any of them. Donna said she preferred to hear Pam’s criticism’s in person. A heartsick Pam told Donna her messages were about Katie. She urged Donna to get to the hospital. Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, Donna arrives at the hospital and Liam gives her the word that Katie isn’t doing well. She wants to know what that means. Back in the surgical suite, doctors continue trying to revive an unresponsive Katie. A hopeless Bill demands that they get her back. Take a look at his second B&B video preview for today’s episode.

Don’t miss today’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful where viewers will see Pam make an effort to reach out to Donna due to Katie’s tragic situation. Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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