‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Brooke Shakes Up Liam’s Double Life

On the last episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Dayzee told Stephanie that Marcus hasn’t agreed to set a wedding date. She claimed he wanted to wait and just be engaged for a while. An anxious Dayzee didn’t want to wait and apparently, Stephanie didn’t believe she should have to. She told Marcus there is never a right time to get married. She brought along some wedding magazines and wanted to help Dayzee plan her big event. Marcus remained unsure. He thought it was no big deal to wait. Anyone surprised by all these young B&B women who can’t wait to walk down the aisle?

Thomas got wind of the situation between Dayzee and Marcus and he had a guy talk with Marcus. He told Marcus that Dayzee was one of the most amazing women he’s ever met and furthermore, she’s hot. Later, Dayzee thanked Thomas for his impromptu intervention and cracked jokes about her being so hot. The two of them shared a hug and Thomas told her he honestly enjoyed their time together. It’s looking like the pressure is on for Marcus. Perhaps he and Liam should do lunch soon.

Elsewhere, Hope emerged from the shower during the conversation Brooke and Liam were having. She sensed the tension and wanted to know what was going on. Hope never found out that Brooke had just ordered Liam to tell Hope the truth about the time he spent with Steffy on their wedding day. Liam didn’t want anything to threaten the happiness Hope had finally found. Brooke told him it was the only way. Hope believed her mother was being hard on Liam for assuming Hope left him that note. When Brooke left, Hope apologized to Liam for her mother. She also told him whatever happened before the wedding should stay in the past. Liam regrets that soap opera special edition iPad with its amazing built-in app to record hot moments all by itself, was in the room when he was promising Steffy a new beginning. He said nothing to his bride about what went down in Italy.

Steffy pleaded with Katie to let this whole thing go. She didn’t care whether Katie believed she had Hope’s best interests at heart or not. She simply wanted to prevent that video from doing any more damage.

On today’s episode, the Forrester crew surrounds Dayzee to offer up encouragement that Marcus will take the plunge sooner than she thinks. Eric, Ridge and Thomas walk in and Eric has a couple of wedding dress designs for an overwhelmed Dayzee to pick from. Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, Liam continues to hope that Brooke won’t tell Hope the truth. Taylor and Brooke have it out over the situation. Later, a horrified Brooke finds Liam and Steffy together. Will this ever end? Take a look at this second B&B video preview for today’s episode.

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