‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Brooke Tells Katie About Ridge and Deacon is Back

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On yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful,Brooke finally worked through her panic attack and began to calm down. Katie pleaded with her to tell her what was going on between her and Ridge. Brooke thought Katie had enough to deal with and didn’t want to burden her sister. Katie talked her into spilling the truth. Brooke mentioned Deacon had been in touch with her. She claimed he had this feeling she needed him. Ridge wondered if Brooke had heard from Deacon and she denied that she was texting him. Ridge flew off the handle and took off to see R.J. Brooke had promised Ridge she would never lie to him again, yet he caught her in a lie. All of this led to the demise of Brooke and Ridge.

Katie thought it sounded way too harsh and she was sure Ridge would return and stay married to Brooke. Brooke said she and Ridge weren’t really married because they never filed the paperwork. Brooke went home and couldn’t stop thinking about Ridge. She called him and left him a message about how much she loved him. She mentioned being sure they would get through this. Frustrated, Brooke tossed her phone across the room and couldn’t stop sobbing.

Caroline and Thomas got outside Forrester Creations where Rick had fallen. He was on top of some hedges. Those hedges broke his fall and he was fine. Caroline wanted to call 911 but Rick insisted he was okay. He told Caroline he liked all the attention she was giving him. She figured since he was hitting on her, he was fine. Thomas wasn’t happy.

Back inside at Stephanie’s office, an upset Eric told her that Rick should be the interim CEO. He wondered if he had made a mistake allowing Ridge to make this decision. Stephanie thought Thomas would do fine under Eric’s direction. She reminded him they didn’t know what they were doing when they just started out. Eric thought about overriding Ridge’s decision but Stephanie thought Thomas might just surprise them. Eric said he will need extensive training where Rick could jump right in. Pam and Donna interrupted them with news that Thomas had shoved Rick out a window.

They all rushed outside and discovered Rick was okay. Eric was not at all happy about how Thomas was using his new power. He said shoving employees around was no way to gain respect. Thomas claimed he didn’t push Rick. Rick insisted he did. Eric threatened to take over the company himself if he ever saw this type of behavior again. Thomas said he should apologize to Rick and Rick told him not to bother. Rick regretted suggesting Thomas help his sister through her ordeal with Liam. An appalled Caroline couldn’t believe what Thomas had done. Thomas stated Rick tried to drive a wedge between them, but Caroline insisted she did that on her own. Throughout all of this, Stephanie couldn’t stop coughing. She explained it away as being winded after trying to get to Rick. Caroline told Thomas she didn’t like his temper and couldn’t be with a man like him. Thomas pleaded with her to reconsider but she wanted to be left alone. Rick told Thomas to find his CEO office and go take a stab at being important.

Rick still had intentions of winning the CEO seat and he wanted Caroline by his side. She liked the sound of that. Stephanie told Eric about Ridge and Brooke breaking up. Eric thought the entire thing sounded innocent enough and he was sure Ridge would get over Brooke’s texting session with Deacon. Stephanie wasn’t so sure. She believed Ridge sounded like it was over.

On today’s episode, Katie and Donna discuss the situation between Ridge and Brooke. Donna can’t believe any of it. She tells Katie that Ridge will be back. Katie isn’t so sure. Donna raises a great question by asking who Brooke is without Ridge? Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, Deacon shows up at Spencer Publications and makes demands of Bill. Can Bill survive his little reunion with Deacon and what could Deacon want? Bill chats with Alison about Deacon Sharpe and Brooke turns to Stephanie to talk about Ridge.

Stephanie tells Brooke not to lose faith when it comes to Ridge. Brooke says she only wanted to keep the subject of Deacon Sharpe off the table during the honeymoon. Bill tells Alison Deacon Sharpe better stay away from him, but it’s looking like Deacon isn’t going away quietly. Take a look at this second B&B preview for today’s episode.

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