‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Can Brooke Survive Without Ridge and Stephanie?

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On The Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke has already lost Ridge and that was bad enough. On today’s episode, she had to face that she was about to lose Stephanie as well. Stephanie’s cancer is back with a vengeance, and the grand diva (Susan Flannery) sat down to tell Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) about her fate. Stephanie handed Brooke an invitation to come to her party where she would celebrate her life. Brooke knew almost immediately that Stephanie’s cancer had come back. She knew what the party was about. Stephanie realized it was a bad time for Brooke to learn about her medical condition because of other things she had going on in her life. She knew Brooke was sick over losing Ridge, but she also knew Brooke was the only one she could trust to keep the family strong through her final days, and together after she’s gone. Who ever knew Stephanie would think of Brooke in those terms?

Brooke was unsure if she could measure up to what Stephanie wanted from her. Stephanie wanted Brooke’s strength, but Brooke was afraid of blowing the whole thing. Stephanie quickly calmed her down, and they began thinking back over the years. There was a time when Stephanie hated Brooke and Brooke had no use for Stephanie. During Stephanie’s original cancer diagnoses, Brooke was the one who got her through. Since the cancer is back and has spread, this time around it’s different. Stephanie needs Brooke in her court, yet neither one of these woman can forget the fierce hatred they once harbored for each other. They flashed back through a series of memories. Take a look at this CBS clip from today’s episode of the show.

Highlights from today’s show included Brooke declaring she was as crazy as Stephanie and Stephanie stating Brooke couldn’t even shoot straight. These girls have come so far, but one has to worry about Brooke without Stephanie and Ridge in her life.

Brooke and Stephanie have been the characters on this soap you have loved or hated for decades. Perhaps viewers have even loved and hated at the same time, but in the end, it’s nice to see them so close. There is something in the cards here. They spent so much time over the years feeding off each other’s anger, it’s sweet to see them come full circle to close the book on their endless feuding for real. If nothing else, Brooke has managed to become a gift in Stephanie’s life—something she never believed she could do. Now the question is, can Brooke survive without Ridge and Stephanie?

Share your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful and your sentiments about Susan Flannery (Stephanie) leaving this show. Would anyone out there like to see a relationship develop between Pam and Brooke? There’s a thought!

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