‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Countdown to the Divorce

On yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy stayed at Taylor’s so she wouldn’t be alone when and if the divorce becomes final. Stephanie, Taylor and Ridge all visit her in her room. Steffy remains hopeful that Liam will call her to tell her the divorce is off. Taylor encouraged Steffy to prepare for the worst but she honestly believes Liam is still in love with her. Ridge decided to go talk to Liam and have him put an end to all this waiting and make up his mind. Ridge told Liam he understood what he’s going through because he’s been there. He advised Liam to talk to both Hope and Steffy about his decision as soon as possible.

Hope told Eric that Hope felt ganged up on. Everyone seemed to be a member of Team Steffy these days. She mentioned Ridge being unable to design Hope’s wedding dress and Eric offered one of his designs. A thrilled Hope entered and is grateful to Eric for his generosity. Hope continued to worry about Ridge walking her down the aisle. She felt if he was uncomfortable at the thoughts of designing her a dress, he would be just as uncomfortable walking her down the aisle. Brooke tried to get Hope to realize Ridge would be fine with this, and she secretly feared Hope will seek her father out for that honor.

Liam is at home with his head still spinning after chatting with Ridge and his father. He called Steffy and told her he needed to see her. Steffy rushed to Liam’s house not knowing what to expect. In this CBS video preview for today’s episode, there is no dialog, but, it’s easy to see that Liam is under some enormous pressure. Take a look.

Also on today’s episode, Hope tells a shocked Eric she would like to have Deacon give her away at her wedding. Brooke tells Ridge about Hope wanting to reach out to Deacon. Steffy asks Liam if this is the end for them or a new beginning. Ridge knows either Steffy or Hope is about to be hurt and he’s concerned about both of them. Take a look at this second CBS video clip for today’s episode.

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