‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Does Baby Will Logan Spencer Have a Chance?

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On the last episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, under extraordinary circumstances, Katie did some amazing thing. She gave birth to a healthy super-sized premature baby boy, came back from the dead, yet still managed to toss digs at her beaming husband. Bill appeared seriously stressed when his wife coded after delivering their child. When the medical team brought her back, however, Katie seemed to resume life as usual. Sure, she was happy to hold her new son in her arms, yet it seemed slightly disturbing when she appeared happier seeing Hope by Liam’s side than she was cradling her super-sized premature infant. What was up with that?

Katie just should have been so overwhelmed to have made a comeback, and holding a healthy child should have been all she needed. Instead she told Hope and Liam they endured things beyond their control. She was happy to see them together. Katie described her near-death experience as walking towards a brilliant white light. Bill recently saw a brilliant white light as well when he prayed for his wife and son in the hospital chapel. Bill’s white light only flooded the chapel because Dr. Meade opened the chapel door and let outside light enter, but Katie’s vision of a brilliant white light was generated by a real choice between life and death. She’s sure because Storm, whose heart now beats in her body thanks to that transplant, told her so. Storm told Katie to go back to planet Earth for her son. He told her his heart was for her, and she belonged with her husband and her son. Katie took the walk back to that twisted little corner of L.A. to do just that.

Steffy told her mother the news that Katie and the baby were both doing well. Steffy is certainly no fan of Katie, but she was happy for her. Taylor continued to marvel at her daughter’s maturity. Steffy remained convinced that Liam would come back to her. She told Taylor she couldn’t wait until he was ready. Naturally, Steffy would know once that happened. Anyone think she saw a brilliant white light, too?

Back at the hospital, the focus turned to a name for the super-sized premie. Bill had an idea. He thought they should name the baby William Logan Spencer. He said they could call him “Will.” Katie loved the name, but can this child survive being named William Spencer Logan? Super-sized premie Will is a blend of the Logan-Spencer gene pool, but in this writer’s book, the kid doesn’t have to tell the world.

Once all Katie and Bill’s visitors vacated the hospital room, Bill told Katie he knows he’s a flawed man, but he appreciates her making him a better person. Note to Bill: There isn’t enough brilliant white light in the world for that one.

On the next episode, Liam pleads with Hope for one more chance, but while she wants to be his wife, she’s not so sure about being able to trust him again. She wants to keep her dignity intact, but she may just get back to the point where she could let him in again if he followed her rules. Take a look at this exchange between Hope and Liam for tomorrow’s episode in this CBS video preview.

Also, on the next episode, Donna cautions Katie about keeping her spirits up. She doesn’t like the mood she’s in. Katie claims the only reason she chose to come back was because she knew her son needed a mother. Hope puts Liam to the test by asking him to give up his friendship with Liam and Bill begins to worry about his future with Katie and little Will. Take a look at this second B&B video preview for the nest episode.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, and do share your thoughts about what type of traits little Will might have when he grows up. What might a Logan-Spencer man be like?


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