‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Hope and Bill have a Chat

On yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Stephanie hugged Steffy and urged her not to give up because it’s obvious Liam still loves her. Steffy tells her grandmother she knows Liam won’t let Hope down, so she has to accept the divorce. Elsewhere, Bill made arrangements with the Warden in Genoa City to put his plan to free Deacon into action. Hope sensed Liam was still thinking about Steffy. He tells her going through that divorce was harder than he thought it would be. The conversation shifted back to the wedding and Hope’s predicament with Ridge. She believed Ridge should be with Steffy and didn’t want him to feel obligated to walk her down the aisle.

Liam found his father kissing Katie. They told him about Katie’s pregnancy. Liam should have known this by now, but instead, they told half the town before telling Liam. Bill mentioned the pregnancy is high risk and explained he didn’t want Katie flying to Italy. A reluctant Katie told Bill, she would stay home from the wedding. Liam asked Bill to be his best man. Initially, Katie accepted for him, but Liam wanted to hear it from Bill. Bill immediately agreed. Liam wants him to fly to Italy on the Forrester family jet, but Bill claimed he had business to tend to and would be flying solo. Liam was fine with that.

Liam found Stephanie in his office. She insisted she wasn’t there to badger him. She only wanted to let him know, if he was having second thoughts about marrying Hope, he should walk away. She told Liam people do that all the time and pointed out that it’s the smart thing to do. Back in Bill’s office, Hope opens the door just when Bill was looking at a photo of Deacon Sharpe on his laptop.

On today’s episode, Hope enters Bill’s office and tells him she is glad he got past his aversion for her to stand up for Liam. Bill wanted to make sure she wasn’t planning on calling him dad. Hope chatted with Bill about Ridge and what role he will play in the wedding. She mentions Ridge isn’t even her biological father and she told Bill she gave him an out. She did think Bill should fly to Italy on the Forrester Jet believing it is wasteful to take two jets to Italy. Bill advises Hope to stop trying to turn him into a tree hugger. She tells him if he got to know her, he might just like her or even love her. Bill advises her not to ask for more than he can give. Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, Bill gets things off his chest with Hope. Brooke enters Liam’s office as Stephanie is chatting with him and Hope goes to Steffy with a question. Take a look at this second CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Don’t miss today’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Are you looking forward to Deacon Sharpe’s return?


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