‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Hope and Liam Try to Get to the Altar Again

On the last episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Liam swore he was done with Hope and done with all her drama after she stood him up at the wedding. He had found a note in her hotel room that essentially said, “I love you, but I just can’t do this.” An overwhelmed Liam spent some time with Steffy trying to digest everything that had happened on his wedding day.

In the meantime, Bill called Liam and told him to bring Steffy to the jet. They were getting out of there. Liam agreed, but he didn’t pack quickly enough. Wedding bells sounded on Steffy’s phone and she claimed, she set them so she’d know when Hope and Liam were finally together. She would also know that she and Liam were over. He told her they were only just beginning.

Hope got to Liam before he got to the jet. She explained how her father suddenly showed up. He questioned her about the note. Hope assumed Deacon had left it for her. Hope tells Liam it was wonderful seeing her father on her wedding day. She told him everything would be wonderful for them and they could still marry today. Liam could barely come up for air. Hope told him to put his suit back on and she would go freshen up.

Liam stopped her to say he couldn’t do this. Hope assumes he doesn’t want to go back to the church. She says they can change the location. He tried to tell her things had changed. He thought the note was from her and she left him. He thought she may have been on pills again. Hope assured Liam all was well in her world and told him neither of those things would ever happen. He wanted to tell her something, but didn’t want to hurt her. He continued mentioning that everything had changed. Hope agreed and claimed they would move the wedding to that original location. They were getting married today. Hope kissed him and left to freshen up. Steffy walked out of Liam’s bathroom with tears in her eyes.

On today’s episode, Brooke helps Hope freshen up for the wedding. Hope talks about Deacon and Brooke wonders if her daughter is sure he left. Hope is certain he’s gone for now. She also speaks about the letter she believes Deacon left for her. Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, Steffy tells Liam to put a smile on his face and make this a day he and Hope will never forget. Next thing you know, the two are kissing. Ridge tells someone it would be an honor to walk her down the aisle. From the following clip, it’s difficult to discern whether he’s talking to Hope or Steffy. Ridge questions Bill about Deacon’s sudden appearance and Deacon pumps Alison for information related to the rest of Bill’s plan. Take a look at this second B&B clip.

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