‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Hope Attempts to Slam Liam

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On yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Liam continued to plead with Hope for forgiveness. Hope claimed she could tell from watching that video that Liam was still in love with Steffy. Hasn’t Liam always told Hope he loved Steffy? Hope continued to try to sort things out. She still couldn’t get over how quickly Liam turned to Steffy. She told Liam even if she could forgive him for this, she would never be able to forget what she saw on that video. Liam got into the same defense he’s been using since all this began. He told Hope over and over that he believed she had left him for good. Hope told Liam she was sure he wanted Steffy.

Liam of course professed his undying love for Hope and didn’t want them to end this way. Hope refused to pretend what happened between Steffy and Liam meant nothing to him. She suspected Liam wanted Steffy. She’s just suspecting this now? Hope walked out the door leaving a flustered Liam alone.

In the meantime, Brooke hung out in Steffy’s office trying to guess Steffy’s next move. Brooke worried that Steffy might try to take advantage of the fact that Liam and Steffy’s marriage isn’t legal in the states yet. Steffy told Brooke she wasn’t the one who wanted Hope to know the truth. Steffy was sure Liam and Hope would work through this and survive. Brooke wasn’t so sure although she did say she wanted to believe Steffy. Steffy advised Brooke to go be with Hope. She thought Brooke could make her understand that when three people get caught up in something like this, emotions run high. She didn’t want Hope to blow her marriage because of a misunderstanding. Brooke told Steffy that Hope didn’t think like they did. Hope wanted to know what Steffy would do next. Steffy said it was all up to Hope and Liam. She admitted if Liam came back to her, she would take him in a heartbeat.

Dayzee refused to believe that Marcus could do jail time for hitting Anthony. She claimed he wasn’t a criminal. Justin arrived at the police station and managed to arrange for a bail hearing, but that wasn’t going to happen until tomorrow. He told Marcus he would try to get Bill to pull some strings. It’s fascinating how much pull Bill has with the penal system. Justin cautioned Marcus against talking too much around the cops. Marcus wanted to know how long he would have to go to jail if this goes to trial. Justin told him he would be looking at six months tops. Lt. Baker entered and told Marcus he texted 157 times the day of the accident. He was sure he sent a few of those while behind the wheel. He also advised Marcus to enjoy his cushy lifestyle while he could. Dayzee got some time alone with Marcus and told him she was sure he’d be home soon and they could start their lives together then.

Brooke stopped by Liam and Hope’s place and discovered Hope had walked out. Hope passed by Steffy’s office and Steffy told her she was sorry. She knew she and Liam could still be happy. An unforgiving Hope whipped out her ring and told Steffy if she wanted Liam, he was all hers. One of these days, Steffy will be able to start the ‘perfect’ wedding ring collection.

On today’s episode, Marcus and Dayzee discussed his situation. Dayzee doesn’t get why Marcus is so sure he’ll go to jail. Marcus knew texting and driving didn’t mix and he tells Dayzee he could have killed Anthony. Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also on today’s episode, Brooke encourages Liam to believe in fate. She may not like what fate has to offer in the end however. Hope and Steffy have a huge argument where Hope tells Steffy she hates her. Didn’t she want to be just like Steffy only a few weeks ago? Steffy begins to recall fond memories of the time she spent with Liam. Take a look at this second B&B clip for today’s episode.

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