‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Hope is Grateful Steffy Didn’t Sign the Annulment Papers

On yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Bill pleaded with Katie to schedule an abortion. He told her he couldn’t bear the thoughts of losing her. He feared if she went through with this pregnancy, the risks would be too high. Bill told Katie he might as well push her out of a plane over the ocean. He told her he hates the odds and refused to lose her over this ‘nonperson.’ Katie told Bill this wasn’t just his decision. She reasoned that he didn’t want her on birth control pills and Bill states that was because the risk of clotting was too great due to her heart medications. Katie points out the other birth control methods failed. Bill confessed his fear that if Katie died, he would end up resenting his own child. She told him that would be impossible.

With tears in his eyes, Bill told Katie he sometimes wakes up at night and breaks out in a sweat when she isn’t next to him. He has a fear of losing her to begin with and this complicates everything. Katie claimed this child is here now and they can’t give up on it. She refused to give up. The couple shared a hug but the discussion isn’t over just yet.

Thomas and Caroline talked about her family and how her grandfather had forced her mother and Dani to stay in the closet. She claimed she is now being forced to do the same. She worried about Bill Spencer’s reaction and told Thomas she’s sorry she used him to free herself from the secret. Thomas isn’t bothered by this. Thomas left Caroline’s place and Rick showed up. He told Caroline about Amber setting him up and wonders why she never spoke to him about what she was thinking. She said she believed saying nothing was kinder. Suddenly, Rick told Caroline he wanted to kiss her. He moved in for the kiss and mentioned wanting her before leaving her to get some sleep. Is there another love triangle in the works here? Ugghh!

On today’s episode, Hope tells Liam she feels like her old self again. She’s back in control. She is actually grateful Steffy never signed those annulment papers. “Why do you say that?” Liam wondered along with the rest of the planet. Hope explains that she needed the extra time to get her act together and she feels as though Liam will be marrying the woman he fell in love with when they finally walk down the aisle. Hope mentions she should probably thank Steffy for not signing those papers. Talk about flip-flopping. Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Bill Spencer has another plan when it comes to Liam and Hope. He sends his assistant Alison off to dig up some dirt on Hope. In the meantime, he has plans to get Hope’s biological dad back into her life. Elsewhere, Brooke approaches Steffy. She tells her nothing is going to stop Hope and Liam’s wedding. How many times have viewers heard that one before? Steffy continues to believe Liam will eventually end up with her. Take a look at this second CBS video clip for today’s episode.

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