‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Hope Tells Steffy She had Class and Grace

On yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy told Taylor about she and Liam taking their clothes off in his hotel room in Italy. An appalled Taylor exclaimed it was Liam’s wedding day. Steffy stated he believed Hope had left him. Taylor wondered what happened next and Steffy told her they never made love. Somehow, after listening to his conversation with Hope, she knew she had to set Liam free. She couldn’t get it out of her head that Liam told her he wanted a new start with her and that he loved her. Steffy knew he meant it and told Taylor, it never felt so right for her.

Elsewhere, Bill continued to gaze at the amazing ultrasound photo of his unborn child. Katie told him not to take all the credit for this. The doorbell rings as the two are kissing. Danielle and Karen were back and Bill couldn’t believe it. Karen explained she had something to say to Bill and she intended to make sure he heard her out this time. Katie suggested she and Dani go outside to give Bill and Karen some space. Dani believed she should be in there with Karen. She was sure Bill was going to let her down, but Katie told Dani that Bill was nothing like his father.

Karen finally got Bill to listen and she went through her whole story from how her father treated her to her dating men for nothing more than appearances. She finally told Bill what she was hiding from him all these years. Bill understood his father’s reaction back then about preserving the company reputation. He told Karen that was then and this is now. After contemplating the fact that he had a gay sister, he told her he loved and accepted her for who she was. A teary-eyed Karen hugged her brother. Katie and Dani returned and the foursome toasted the baby and Karen’s relationship with Danielle. It was the first time in years that Karen was able to breathe a sigh of relieve Elsewhere, Thomas worried about Taylor and Steffy’s conversation. He and Caroline wanted Steffy to go out with them to forget about her problems, but she refused. She assured her brother she would move on and be happy again.

On today’s episode, Steffy spends time with Taylor. She receives a phone call from Brooke who tells her Liam and Hope are back in town. Steffy assumes Brooke wants her to stay away from them, but Brooke claims that’s not the reason for her call. She believes Steffy has Liam’s best interests at heart and she tells her she’d like for them to become close again. Steffy says she’s like that too. Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, Brooke chats with Hope about Deacon. She mentions Ridge found out he got out of jail. Brooke doesn’t want Hope to see him in the future. Hope says she knows her mother hates Deacon, but tells her the guy is her biological father. Steffy tells Taylor, she has to keep what she told her confidential. She also tells Taylor, Liam is Hope’s husband now, and Taylor points out Hope is unaware that Liam was about to run away with her. Steffy and Liam run into each other today. Take a look at this second B&B video preview.

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