‘The Bold and the Beautiful': How Many Weddings is It Going to Take?

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On yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy was working at the office in a Logan free work environment, thanks to Hope and Liam’s wedding. Taylor stopped by to see how she was holding up. Steffy said she was fine. She admitted spending a couple of amazing days with Liam and she mentioned cruising around to the beach and the nightclub on her motorcycle. Taylor hated the motorcycle and reminded her of that. Taylor said Steffy would understand her hate for the motorcycle when she had kids. Steffy said she didn’t intend to have kids anytime soon. She said she, like Hope, was too young for marriage at this point.

Taylor thought it was too bad that Steffy hadn’t been able to talk Liam out of marrying Hope but Steffy insisted that wasn’t what she was after. She said she was glad she was able to get Liam to enjoy himself and laugh a little. She didn’t believe he did that sort of thing with Hope. She laughed at the thought of what Liam looked like when she dropped him off for his wedding. She told her mother about his tatoo and his faux mohawk. Taylor had no clue what to think at that point. Steffy assumed Liam was all cleaned up and marrying Hope as they spoke.

Pam began to worry about where the bride and groom were. She told Stephanie that lunch should already be on the table. Stephanie tried to calm her down, but that didn’t really work. In the meantime, Hope decided to hit the guest house to see what was keeping Hope and Liam.

Liam finally admitted to Hope that he had been with Steffy the past two evenings. Back at the guesthouse, Hope asked Liam if he was with Steffy the night before. He began chatting about how he was looking forward to reconnecting with her last night at dinner. She had told him about Stephanie already and knew he was avoiding her question. Liam finally caved and claimed he was with Steffy last night and the night before. Hope couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Brooke entered the guest house and wondered if Liam’s new look was permanent. Hope told her mother she needed a moment alone with Liam. Brooke said everyone was waiting before leaving.

Liam got defensive and asked Hope if he was just supposed to mope around after she cancelled their dinner plans. He said it was his last night of freedom and that was clearly the wrong thing to say. Hope wondered if he viewed their marriage as a loss of freedom. He quickly took that back stating that wasn’t what he meant. Hope was fuming when she learned Steffy and Liam spent the entire night at a rooftop pool at the hotel. They couldn’t drive, the car didn’t show up, so they had no choice. Liam insisted they never crossed any lines. Hope wondered if Steffy was behind Liam’s makeover. Liam insisted Steffy had nothing to do with his new look. He began shedding his clothes to wash off the tatoo and the hair dye. Nothing was coming off.

Liam admitted he made a mistake but he thought that was no reason to shut down the wedding. He promised to get cleaned up because today, they would be married. He’s sorry about his partying. Hope didn’t care that he partied, she only cared that he did it with Steffy. Hope told Liam he was more like his father than he knew. She mentioned Bill getting married late in life and suspected Liam would be the same. A tired Hope was sick of being called too young and not ready for marriage, but she knew it was really Liam who was not ready. She left the guesthouse and told Liam there would be no wedding.

Shirtless, wearing only boxers, Liam took off after Hope. Hope entered Stephanie’s and ran upstairs sobbing. Shocked wedding guests witnessed Liam burst in screaming for Hope. He called out to her and Ridge told him she had gone upstairs. Liam continued yelling for Hope.

On today’s episode, Hope showed her face at the top of the stairs while a still drunk Liam professed his love to her half-naked. Hope asked Liam how many weddings it was going to take before they faced facts. She tells him he’s not ready for marriage. Liam insisted he was. Hope said he wouldn’t be her husband. She also told him he has no respect for her. Otherwise he never would have been with Steffy. Ridge and Bill try to get Liam out of the house. Take a look at this preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, Liam insists he’s not leaving until Hope marries him. Brooke tells Hope it doesn’t this isn’t the end if she didn’t want it that way. Bill tells Liam no son of his was going to run around begging for crumbs. Looks like Bill wants to insert himself more into Liam’s life. Katie chats with someone and it would come as no surprise if that person was Steffy. Stephanie assures Hope she made the right decision. Take a look at this second B&B video preview for today’s episode.

Anyone out there surprised by Brooke’s advice to Hope? Don’t miss today’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful and do share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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