‘The Bold and the Beautiful': Is this Really the Life You Want to Live?

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On yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful,Marcus and Dayzee caught up on each other’s day. Dayzee told Marcus Anthony had his surgery and with the help of two titanium rods, he’ll be walking good as new in no time. Marcus told Dayzee the cops caught the guy who hit Anthony. Apparently, the guy was driving with a suspended license.

Steffy told a shocked Taylor and Ridge she needed some time off from work. they wondered where she was going. Steffy claimed wherever she went, there would be a beach. She was thinking about Antigua with Liam. She told Taylor and Ridge she simply had to try again with Liam. Taylor cautioned her daughter against waiting for Liam. She warned that he resided in a web of uncertainty and didn’t know how to make up his mind. Steffy assured her mother she could handle it. She left and Taylor and Ridge discussed the situation. Ridge calmed a worried Taylor insisting Steffy would make the right choices.

Liam returned to his house after a swim. He thought Hope had been there but there were no signs of her. He began rummaging through some old VCR tapes and found one of Bob Hope. That caused him to think of the good times he had with Steffy while watching Bob Hope. Suddenly, Steffy entered the cliff house with luggage. A puzzled Liam asked if she was going somewhere. Steffy told him she was either moving back in with him or moving on. A weary Steffy refused to take the tears, disappointments and the endless weddings any longer. She began commenting on Hope’s instability and suggested Liam get her some new luggage for Christmas since she’s so fond of moving back to Brooke’s when things got rough. Liam defended Hope. Steffy said Hope kicked him in the teeth. She also pointed out how easy things were for them when they were together. She said it could be like that for another fifty years. Liam didn’t know how to respond to any of this.

Elsewhere, Rick continued preaching to Hope and told her that Liam wasn’t ever going to change. Hope hardly thought one argument meant the end of a marriage, but Rick felt Liam was bad news.

On today’s episode, Steffy reviewed all that had happened between Liam and Hope. She recalls Hope watching that video and freaking out. Liam points out that was understandable and Steffy didn’t deny that. What Steffy had a problem with was the fact that Hope went running to her mother. “Tell me Liam,” she says, “Is this really the life you want to live?” Naturally, Liam has no clue. If only Hope and Steffy would chip in for a one way cruise through the Bermuda Triangle and shove Liam off alone, right? Take a look at this CBS video preview for today’s episode.

Also, on today’s episode, Ridge and Taylor look back on the past and Steffy pressures Liam to choose. Can he live up to the task? Take a look at this second B&B video preview for today.

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